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The Ultimate Speed Keto Review

Are you ready to get keto smart with the ultimate Speed Keto review? Chances are that you have heard about Speed Keto by Dr Harlan Kilstein and it piqued your interest? The focus of this page is to offer you a quick but comprehensive Speed Keto review. So that you know if the Speed Keto weight loss method is right for you. You see there are a lot of keto methods, systems and plans. Some are actually quite decent, while other keto methods exist only to take your money, with little to show for it at the end. We don’t like those.

On the other hand Speed Keto is really quite different, for lots of good reasons actually. A couple of the main stand out reasons to try Speed Keto include no macro counting, huge social proof from scores of current users. Plus enduring support from complimentary keto coaches and other Speed Keto followers. First up Speed Keto costs $39 exactly and there is the option of a printed copy when you purchase also. There are absolutely no recurring charges and there is a 90 day unconditional guarantee. If this part of my ultimate Speed Keto review is enough to excite you right now then please follow the Sped Keto purchase link below to find out more.

Try Speed Keto
Try Speed Keto
Speed Keto is the simple push button keto weight loss method with zero macro counting

Regular Keto Has A Few Serious Problems

PROBLEM #1: Keto Starts Complicated And Comes With Information Overload
Most people are rather surprised to discover that Keto is way more difficult than it first seems. That early motivation and excitement rapidly turns to frustration as they get flustered from constantly having to count macronutrients (carbs, fats, and protein).

Unfortunately, the calculations can be complex and discouraging – even with an app. This is the number one difficulty people report when they get started on keto. Speed Keto does away with this problem and eliminates the need to count macros.

PROBLEM #2: Persistent Weight Loss Stalls
During the first couple of weeks on keto, most people will see a drop in (water) weight as the result of cutting back on carbs. This is a normal part of the process.However, once the body has been in a ketosis state for around a month, the body will find a set point and stay there. It’s called a ‘stall’, and can last for weeks, months, and in some cases, years! Getting stuck on a keto stall happens to most folks. And it’s also one of the most frustrating and discouraging things a person can go through. Many people quit keto after getting stuck.

PROBLEM #3: Recipe Overload
People don’t know what to eat on Keto. Their old brands and recipes aren’t keto. For an explanation consider the centipede that’s been walking along happily for years and then suddenly stops and wonders – what foot comes next in the line? And so the centipede rapidly comes to a dead stop. The good news is that there is now a much easier way to follow keto. Of course I am talking about following the Speed Keto method. You went looking for the ultimate Speed Keto review and you landed right here. So let me explain why you should pay close attention to this ultimate Speed Keto review. Especially if you are undecided which keto method to try.

Speed Keto Video Review

For those that like to watch, here is the full Speed Keto review from our Youtube channel. In this video review we took 5-6 minutes to expand upon the web page review of Speed Keto and provide some visual insight into how this keto diet plan really works.

Why You Should Care About This Ultimate Speed Keto Review

I used to be like you, I spent money on countless keto systems and weight loss methods that accomplished nothing ( besides a lighter wallet. ) My wife Sara follows keto and had a similar experience. I became tired of seeing all those before and after pictures adjacent to so called wonder keto products in glossy ads and magazines. I decided to do something about it. So I started a keto Facebook group. At the last count it has 25,000+ members, many of whom also follow Speed Keto. The beauty of contemplating purchasing Speed Keto is that you can head into my group, or any of Dr Kilsteins’s for that matter and ask a question about Speed Keto before you even pay a red cent. I do not know any keto method that can offer this level of social proof before you purchase anything. I think this speaks volumes.

What is Social Proof Alongside Speed Keto?

Social proof is when you encounter other users of Speed Keto who have previously bought the product and succeeded and attained their goals and then have gone on to realize their weight loss dreams. Some keto products use fake social proof such as doctored images and false testimonials and I hate that with passion. On the other hand with Speed Keto social proof you can actually enter a group like mine for instance. and talk to other members. Ask them a question, send a friend request, chat on Messenger and so forth. In short you connect with real people just like you that can offer up the facts about Speed Keto when you need them. For me that is the pinnacle of real social proof, genuine and unbeatable.

Start Speed Keto
Start Speed Keto
Speed Keto is the easy push button keto weight loss system with no macro counting

Why Was Speed Keto Created?

The Ultimate Speed Keto Review - Why Was Speed Keto Created?

Why Was Speed Keto Created?

Well first and foremost to address the three problems mentioned earlier, namely the complication of regular keto, weight loss stalls and recipe information overload. However Speed Keto is much more than that. Imagine if you could actually craft the perfect version of the keto diet. Let us think for a moment what the perfect, ideal version of keto might look like compared to regular keto shall we.


  • Complicated counting of macros or calories
  • Frequent frustrating keto weight loss stalls
  • Cravings and hunger pangs that won’t go away
  • Always wondering which recipes are keto
  • The temptation to use expensive drugs, powders, pills and potions
  • Processed foods that really are not keto


  • Simple, fast body transformation
  • Eat restaurant and supermarket foods
  • You never feel hungry
  • Tasty and delicious keto meals with no hard to locate ingredients
  • Better all round health
  • Happy, fast and motivating results

Well here is the good news! The perfect keto program really does exist and we call it SPEED KETO. I believe that you will go crazy for the results that you will see with this unique, push button simple keto method. You can get Speed Keto right now for no hidden fees, no contract or reoccurring charges or anything like that. There is even a 90 day unconditional guarantee and an option printed version along side the digital copy.

Buy Speed Keto
Buy Speed Keto
Speed Keto is the simple push button keto weight loss method with zero macro counting

I Need To Learn More About Speed Keto

You are super curious to learn everything in this ultimate Speed Keto review. Know that Speed Keto is an easy-to-follow digital program that you can access instantly online through your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Speed Keto downloads so easily at the click of a mouse. (You can pick up a print copy at checkout.) Speed Keto is engineered from the ground up to break the patterns in the metabolism that are holding people back. To overcome what is keeping them from achieving that real look in the mirror and say WOW success! After all this is why you are here reading the ultimate Speed Keto review.

Speed Keto works at blazing speeds by combining delicious daily keto meals, intermittent fasting and OMAD (one meal a day.) Speed Keto works furiously on your behalf to get the results you need. While traditional Keto fails and leaves you angry, frustrated and depressed. We don’t want that do we!

A Unique Easy To Learn Keto Fasting Method

The Speed Keto method of fasting is quite unique. People believe intermittent fasting is tough and hard to master and understand. That is, until they witness the Speed Keto™️ method first hand. On Speed Keto people never go hungry. In fact they often report excitedly on how much extra energy they experience on the Speed Keto Program. Just check the tabs below for a breakdown of all the value that Speed Keto includes when you purchase.

Is Speed Keto A Scam?

As the owner of a popular Facebook group this question crops up from time to time. Not just about Speed Keto but about other keto weight loss methods as well. Here is the thing. In my group I like to give far more than I ever take from my members. This includes posting keto recipes, strategies, blog posts, sending helpful emails etc. Then I try and help people and provide consistent value and education for free. Plus I even wrote my own cookbook that took six months and several thousand dollars to author. I’d love to give this keto cookbook away for free but that’s not feasible but I try and keep the costs as low as possible. The same is undoubtably true for the Speed Keto weight loss method by Dr Harlan. There is a section of the keto community that believe anything with a price tag is a scam. This is short sighted and Speed Keto has a robust returns policy should it be purchased by accident or prove unsuitable. Therefore Speed Keto is no scam by any reasonable definition.

How Much Does Speed Keto Cost?

At the time of writing this ultimate Speed Keto review the Speed Keto system costs $39 exactly. This is a one time charge. There is no repeat billing. For $39 you gain immediate access to the digital copy. A printed copy of Speed Keto is also available. From time to time the creators of Speed Keto may run promotions or release extra products such as recipe packs and bonus materials.

Why I Unreservedly Recommend Speed Keto

I recommend products that I have used that I think will be helpful and sometimes they have a price tag. Facebook groups can be notorious for their keto is free culture. This is fine and I applaud anyone who wants to self learn like this. At the same time Dr Harlan Kilstein has placed his sweat, tears and personal expense into designing a genuinely useful keto weight loss method. Speed Keto has helped over 10,000 and growing hungry and eager keto dieters for a small one time fee of $39. Just as you would not expect to dine out in a restaurant for free. This is why I wrote this in-depth ultimate Speed Keto review.

Push Button Keto or Self Learning?

The same logic holds true with Speed Keto. You can chooses to self learn and progress on keto at your own pace. Or choose to invest in a push button keto system like Speed Keto. One that gives back way more than it ever takes. Having a price tag attached does not mean that Speed Keto is a scam. It is easy to scream scam in the weight loss industry. Sometimes that claim is warranted. Yet on other occasions it stems from those who have started following keto with the wrong mindset. Speed Keto is not a scam. I would also add that the social proof which you can find on the sales page and in our Facebook groups really speaks for itself.
Speed Keto At A Glance - The Ultimate Speed Keto Review
Speed Keto is no slouch and is jam packed with incredible value. For a low $39 one time fee you get a powerful and proven weight loss system that you can repeat month on month. Alongside a 90 day no quibble refund policy from Dr Harlan that trust us you really won’t need.

Whats Included With Speed Keto
Recipes All the fat burning daily keto meals.
Meal Plans Speed Keto teaches you how to make those recipes work.
Shopping Lists How to stock your kitchen at the lowest prices.
Coaching Coaching and simple answers when you need them.
What Else Comes With Speed Keto?
Digital Copy You can download it immediately, 60 seconds after reading this review if you wish.
Printed Copy Many people like to hold something physical, Speed Keto also includes an optional print copy.
Plus There Is Even More Value
Contests Win monthly prizes such as vacations, shopping trips and cash prizes.
A Thriving Community Connect with other successful members, learn their free tips and strategies.
Bonus Recipes Enjoy complimentary bonus recipes from time to time.
Social Proof Tired of being stung, Speed Keto has so much social proof you can check with others first.
90 Day Money Back In the unlikely event it is not for you get a no quibble refund.
Fast Results Speed Keto would not be called Speed Keto if it was slow. Slow Keto does not have quite the same ring. Speed Keto is fast.
Multi Device Access Speed Keto on your phone, table or computer ( digital version only. )
24/7 Support Help is at hand whenever you need it.
Private Fb Group A private members Facebook group to support, encourage and motivate you.

Buy Speed Keto
Buy Speed Keto
Speed Keto is the simple push button keto weight loss method with zero macro counting
9.5 Total Score
Push Button Speed Keto

Speed Keto is a simple to follow digital program that you can access instantly online through your computer, tablet or mobile phone. It downloads easily. (You can pick up a print copy at checkout). This is a push button easy keto system with no macro counting and comes so much extra value included for free.

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